I don’t think you could ever ask anyone in my life about who I am and they say I was not open to share everything. As I age I am really working on the understanding that not everyone needs to know everything about everything, but with that said. I wouldn’t be authentically me if I didn’t share my life, my experieces and my journey along the way with those around me.

I have a love for life a passion for people and a heart to create and that is who I feel I am: Passion, Heart and a Creator. I have been so blessed to have amazing Men and Women around me and be apart of  or watch their successes. I wondered when it would be my turn to know what I was meant to do and BAM! It happened. It’s amazing when you give your life to the Lord and say, “Lead me, guide me to my purpose so I can be my best self and fulfill the purpose I was meant to fulfill.” That is what he does. He finds those who are meant to help, heal and walk with you on the path.

I’m not sure if blogs are a real thing anymore, but what I do know is that I am meant to share my story and this is the best way I know how.

I am a Mom to 5 Children. 3 amazing boys Blaike, Austin, Cache and 2 girls Libby and Madison. My daughter Libby was born stillborn at 38.5 weeks. Receiving our Rainbow baby Madison was truly a gift and brought so much healing to my heart. The Lord truly knows what we need.