The Purpose of a

Hosting provider?

Every website needs a ‘HOME, a place where its files can be accessed at any given time, anywhere. That’s what hosting does. It’s a plot of internet land. If you want a website, it’ll need to be hosted somewhere. Good hosting makes for a fast site that’s almost always accessible. Check out our rates below.

Hosting Options

 Annual Pricing

* BASIC:  $20 for retaining domain, $125 Hosting, Basic SSL Certificate – Free, Access to Wayment Logos & Website VIP training group. Total $145

* PREMIUM: $20 for retaining domain, 125 for hosting, Basic SSL Certificate, $50 Shopping cart maintenance fee, Access to Wayment Logos & Website VIP training group. Total $200

* ADD-ON: Additional domain(s) are an additional $20.00 per year.

*ADD-ON: Extra level of security to your site by paying an additional $20 to have site scanned weekly for malware and threats against your site.



Leaving Wayment Logos & Web Design Hosting?


*Cancelation of hosting must be submitted in writing 14 days prior to balance due.

* Once that is sent Wayment Logos & Web Design will release domain back to client in the amount of $25

*When you leave Wayment Logos & Web Design the API keys to the plug-ins(Example: WP Forms, Any Font and etc.) will be removed. Wayment Logos & Webdesign will allow you to continue to use the design built for you with a $75 fee for site migration and use of the content. Copyright of design MUST be kept on site with Wayment Logos & Web Design listed to keep this agreement valid.

Looking to Transfer Hosting to Wayment Logos and Web Design?


What you need to to.

  • Fill Out Transfer Hosting Form and pay the $50.00 transfer fee plus whatever hosting option you choose.
  • I will reach out to you 24-48 hours during business week to get the necessary information to transfer your site.
  • It takes 7-14 days to transfer your site.