Do you have man hands, the handsome guy next to me asked….I looked at him with a questioning gaze as I pulled my hand out and said no, he then put my hand in his and said, “Huh, yeah you don’t.” Ladies and Gents! Is that not just the corniest thing you ever heard!

So,Today 22 years ago I married that cornie man, Kyle Wayment! We have so much to be grateful for. Some of the highlights over the last 22 years…

  • Dancing in the back of gas stations
  • Our rides to lock up houses and to inspect them on the longer nights when we were inspecting the houses, Kyle would put music on and we would dance in the kitchens.
  • For one birthday he tried to bring me home 1 pair of socks a day for 30 days…it didn’t work out, but I loved watching him try to put it all together.
  • Grateful for when the kids were little whether he worked or not he would get up to bottle feed or change diapers. It was never something I had to ask for he just did it.
  • Our hiking adventures.
  • I don’t know if we have ever gone on a trip and not gotten lost and some of those longer trips have been some of my favorite highlights.
  • I hadn’t traveled much growing up but Kyle promised to take me on many adventures and he has kept that promise. I have been on trips all over and I enjoy our 6-10 mile walks daily to see a new city and explore.
  • listening to audiobooks on long car rides
  • Kyle wearing his rubber duckie floatie with our son.

As you see I can go on and on. I won’t lie to you and tell you after our daughter died that things were easy. There was a lot of healing and we kind of lost each other for a time here and there and sometimes I am amazed that we made it through. There is one thing I can say, that God never allowed one of us to stop fighting when the other checked out. So like everyone else, we have been through the trenches, we have seen all sides of each other and if I had a choice, I would and still pick Kyle every day. He has his faults but I can tell you.

  • This man silently serves.
  • Picks up the extra I can’t carry
  • Tries to be honest and fair in all his dealings
  • Makes sure our kids and I have what we need
  • He has dreams…He has dreams for himself, for his Marquee Homes INC. clients..for those he helps at the fire station….for his family and he has allowed me to start following my dreams with no judgment.
  • He seeks to be the best in EVERYTHING HE DOES.

So Kyle Happy Anniversary. I would do it all over to get to where we are right now. I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you for the adventures, the sacrifices and the love you give me and our kids. We are truly blessed and a lot of that is because you have been able to live out your dreams of building homes and firefighting. You have never wanted to be defined by one thing you do. You are a lot of things in one and I love that about you. So keep being them all. You have my heart luv. xoxoxoxo