This week I have had to watch narratives be placed on someone I love that are false. The hardest thing for me to do is not clap back and point out facts as people change narratives to fit their stories. When I confronted this person about my wanting to be vocal about the situation the comment back was, “I could spend my time worrying about how someone portrays me and expel all this energy or I can keep moving forward, knowing the truth, who I am and just continue to work hard. You should let it go.” I’m starting to believe there is beauty in this statement but I’ll be honest it’s hard.
So what to do..I believe
1- I need to shake it off
2 – I need to look into my own heart, know the truth and
3- forgive and let the individual talk to that person privately or not at all. Let it be their choice.
4- continue to show support to my people by seeing them for who they are and show up.
The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to focus on our goals, service, the positive and let the rest be what it is. I love what Candice Christiansen Noss tells me, “Conflict is inevitable, but contention is a choice.” So true.